Standing Committee on Public Health  (SCOPH)

The work of SCOPH is supervised by the National Officer on Public Health. It emphasizes the importance of various health issues such as the effect of smoking and drug abuse, malnutrition and the increase in obesity all around the world.

The Local Committee of DOE also takes its part in the Public Health Programme started by the IFMSA. You can reach our preventional work from many different ways, which aims to incerease the level of public health.

The local SCOPH’s job is about the addictions. The course in this subject is called „education about health and stimulants” helps the students of University of Debrecen Medical and Health Sience Center to learn more about addictions in the second semester of each year. The lectures are held by the professors of the University, extended by the knowledge and experience of the police and other civil organizations.

After completing this course you will be able to hold lectures to students of elementary- and secondary schools about the danger of smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs.

Those who took the course have the appropiate knowledge to help the younger generation in prevention.

We have connection with more national organizations with whom our Committee can take part in greater events in our city.

In partnership with the Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA), we perform a basic level service in most of Lovarda’s programs.

In partnership with the European Committee who introduced EU-HELP for prevention of smoking we often measure CO levels and enlighten the people about the damages caused by smoking.

National Public Health and Medical Officer Service we take part in greater screening programs e.g.: „Smoke Free-Day”


If you have questions consult Our Officer

Szabó Vivien