SCOPE Professional Exchange


IFMSA-SCOPE Professional Exchange Handout

The aim of the SCOPE (Standing Committee of Professional Exchange) is to provide possibility for medical students to observe their professional pratice in a foreign country and with this to promote intercultural understanding and co-operation amongst future healthcare professionals. We would like to contribute to the personal development of our medical students also, with encouraging tolerance towards patients regardless their religion, sex or beliefs.

How SCOPE exchanges work?
The participants are entitled to observe a four-week long professional exchange in a chosen foreign country. All exchanges last four weeks, even if the duration of the obligatory practice is less at the University of Debrecen
(eg. internal medicine practice is 3 weeks long if You do it in Hungary, but through the exchange You have to observe 4 weeks). The clerkship is available just for the summer practices from the 3rd year and for the whole 6th year. The language of the practice is either English or the native language of the chosen country. The clerkship is absolutely educational, so the applicants will not get salary for it. We work with a point system and rank the applicants according to their points.

Financial infos
Our organisation covers the lodging for the applicants during their exchange. You do not have to pay for Your accomodation. It can be either an apartment, hostel, host family, or a dormitory. At least 1 meal per working day
(lunch/dinner) or its equivalent amount of money is also covered. In addition each local committee can offer social programs to their incomings. What You have to pay for yourself are the travelling costs, including visa application and insurance costs. The organisation does not provide any scholarship for travelling fees!

Necessary for the application

  • DOE membership
  • At least 10 DOE points!
  • You must attach the following to your application
    • Filled application form, which you can find on our website.
    • DOE membership certificate (can be provided upon request at our office, Markusovszky III. Dormitory on Auguszta, during consulting hours – Wednesdays, 16:00 – 18:00)
    • Copy of your Lecture book (for the last 2 semesters)
    • 1 passport photograph (4x4)
    • Copies of language certificate(s
    • Copy of passport (or EU National ID)
  • Further documents You have to enclose
    • Certificate about research (TDK), TDK presentation, demonstratory work, article, or participation on any medical conference.
    • Certificate about nursing or ambulance work
    • Certificate about social work
    • Motivation letter (1-1,5 page long). This can be provided after you have chosen the country you wish to go to.

!!!You must send all documents via e-mail too, to the local exchange officer for outgoing programs, Márk Matus.!!!

How do we assess the applications?
We use a point-based system, which you can find on our website. The points are classified into two groups.There are points that we count at every application and there are points that we delete after the exchange and are
not counted at the next application. The student who has the most points, is the one who choose a country first, then follows the second etc…When You apply for an exchange You have the opportunity to apply with all Your points or just with a part of it. After the successful application we delete all Your points You have applied with. The point system is the following: