Heartbeat - sexual violence in relationships


The Medical Students’ Association of Debrecen (DOE) and the Nők A Nőkért Együtt Az Erőszak Ellen Egyesület (NANE) invites you to our very first workshop in the spirit of November 25th, which is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Our topic will be sexual abuse/violence in relationships.

Young people in their first significant intimate relationship are a high-risk group regarding intimate partner violence: they have comparatively little experience, and a lot of false information regarding intimate relationsips, what is acceptable, what is desirable, what could be warning signs of something going wrong. The Council of Europe considers girls and young women aged 17-24 to be at the highest risk for receiving serious physical injuries witin the context of a violent relationship.
This workshop is an introduction to the Heartbeat method - an approach developed through an international cooperation in order to design activities for young people aged 14-25 on the issues of healthy relationshps, recognising patters of abuse, early warning signs. Heartbeat is also designed to discuss what actions bystanders can take, who witness intimate partner abuse by/against a friend or classmate.

DATE: 29 November 2016, 5pm - 6:30pm
LOCATION: OEC WEST Hostel - conference room

You will recieve 2 DOE-points if you have been present from start to finish.

A maximum of 25 people (!) can attend, and because of this you will have to sign up for the event by sending an email (lome.debrecen@humsirc.hu). You can not attend if you are not signed up. Please send your full name, your NEPTUN-code, and year. The workshop is coed, so both male and female can attend. Because of our limited number of spots we kindly ask you to unregister from the event or at least notify us if you can not attend but have already signed up. Failure to do so, you will not only take the spot from someone else who might be interested, but we will also deduct double the points from you.