FAQ for the incoming Students


Hello Girls and Boys!

Usually almost everyone asked me about these ’problems’ in the past weeks that’s why I’d
like to sum up them especially for those who don’t have FaceBook (but it would be better if
you made a FB account!)


The most important documents are the hepatitis B vaccination certificate and the TBC negative chest X-ray. If you lost your certificate, you need to do a hepatitis titer. These are the basics. (I’ve already got some documents, thank you!) (The HIV is not so required but the Hepatitis C titer is also important!). And it would be also very good if you show me a certification that you do not suffer from chronic infectious disease.

The general practitioner or your own family doctor can make this for you. Fecal laboratory test (bacteriology) and Lues serology (Wassermann) for departments of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Pediatrics are obligatory!!! The hospital will ask for these documents!


As you arrived to Budapest you should take the train to come to Debrecen. I checked for the timetable of the trains: I suggest you to come by an InterCity (IC) train. On most of those you’ll find WiFi. You should get on the train at the Budapest- Ferihegy (or Liszt Ferenc Airport) Terminal 1 and get off in Debrecen. If you arrive to Terminal 2 you should take the bus 200E this takes you to Terminal 1. In every hour there is an IC: 6.43, 7.43, 8.43, 9.43, 10.43, 11.43, 12.43, 13.43, 14.43, 15.43, 16.43, 17.43, 18.43 and the last one is at 19.43. For the updated timetable check www.elvira.hu.

Among these time there are also trains but those are not so fast and we prefer the IC. After 19.43 there are 2 trains: 20.48 and 22.48. The train ticket is 2.410 HUF. (Around 8€) If you don’t catch an IC, you can come by the others which leave: 6.48, 8.48, 10.48, 12.48, 14.48, 16.48, 17.48, 18.48, 20.48 and 22.48. These are direct trains; you don’t have to change the trains. And if you get on the train please write us an SMS because we would like to pick up you at the railway station in Debrecen. Some of you have already told me that He/she will come by car. That’s why I write your dormitory address again: 4032 Debrecen, Móricz Zsigmond krt. 22.

● Dressing in the hospital:

I’d like to ask everyone that DON’T leave your white coat and your white sneekers/ slippers at home! Anyway in the hospital we also wear white trousers and white Tshirt but it’s not a problem if you don’t bring them (I know that other stuffs are more important than these and the baggage allowance is strict! :))

● Social program:

I hope that all of you would like to get to know the best parts of Hungary that’s why I suggest bringing money with you! Every weekend we organize social programs from Friday morning till Sunday evening. We are going to visit Budapest, Eger and Lake Balaton. I hope you will be very very satisfied with the programs! :) Its worth I promise! And please don’t forget home your swimming suit! :)

● International Food and Drink Party:

In every year we organize this event and we would like to taste all of your national food and drink. That’s why please bringing your national drink and we promise we will make you taste the Hungarian Pálinka! :) The dormitory has kitchens so you can cook here! (Also every room has a small kitchen.)

● Accommodation:

We finance your accommodation for 30 days. It includes the last day of the previous month. For example if you come on 30th June, you don’t have to pay but if you come on 29th June, you will have to pay around 2-3 €. (Important information for the August group: Our university starts on 3rd September that’s why the students of the dormitory will move back on the 1st September (Saturday) so I ask everyone of you to leave on the 31st August (Friday)!)


Upon arrival we will ask for 40 € to the deposit. You will get it back when you leave