CVT (Cardiovascular and tumor prevention)


Cardiovascular and tumor prevention (CVT)



The DOE took importance in prevention of cancer and CV diseases. This is why we started the CVT department.


The Local Officer the programme holds lectures in schoolsand takes part in greater healthcare events int he city and also its suburbs. As the SCOPH and the SCORA, CVT also offers a credit course for the students of the University.


Among the preventional activities we visit elementary- and secondary schools, where each year hundreds of students learn more about healthy diet and the importance of doing sports.We also teach them about those cancerous diseases which can appear and attack them in their age and we feel that it is important to know how and what to notice with self-examination. This may help to avoid consequences.


Healthcare activities held in our city and in the surroundings include the measurements of blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This helps us to calculate the risk of CV diseases. And we give further information for those who have a question about this topic.



If you have questions consult Our Officer:

Local Officer on English Program

Kinga Együtt